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The world’s first Digital therapeutics for Thyroid Dysfunction & Complications

Numerous people are suffering

from Thyroid Dysfunction

  • 5~7%
    Patient ratio of
    the world population
  • 380M
    The number of
    Thyroid Dysfunction patients
    in the world
  • Chronic patient
    Concerns and Nervousness about side effects of taking medications
  • Recurrence
    Difficulty in early detection for recurrence of the disease
  • Periodical
    Check-up cycle
    No other way than to take a blood test for checking disease status
We introduce Glandy, a smart solution for Thyroid Dysfunction
We introduce Glandy, a smart solution for Thyroid Dysfunction
*Reviews from users over 3 months of Glandy beta service
  • “I had been not good at managing myself before the GLANDY.
    With alarms for taking medications or symptom scale surveys, I began to check and reflect my daily lives, so I began to change my mind and habits.”

    - 20s woman, Thyroid cancer

  • “I think this is such a useful app. for people who tend to forget to take their medicines
    on time every day. The reminders I can set for the medications are truly helpful.”

    - 20s woman, Hyperthyroidism

  • “Before this app., I didn’t know why I felt sleepy even after sleeping.
    But now, it’s good to find my health patterns in the app.”

    - 40s man, Hyperthyroidism

  • “Through the daily symptom survey,
    I have been able to manage the changes in my body delicately.”

    - 40s woman, Hypothyroidism

  • “I was not good at taking care of myself, but since I get a reminder medication alarm or a questionnaire alarm, it has changed that I can check and reflect on myself and clean up my mind for good.”

    - 20s female, treated thyroid cancer

  • “While using the Glandy App, I have been satisfied with taking medicines. As I got notifications I didn’t forget to take medicines on time.”

    - 20s woman, Hyperthyroidism

  • “ I tended to be tired the next day after sleeping so I wonder that why I didn’t have a good sleep but It’s good to know more clearly after seeing the pattern in an App.”

    - 40s man, Hyperthyroidism

  • “ While doing a questionnaire every day, I could manage to my physical changes and check its more sensitively.”

    - 40s woman, Hypothyroidism

Check your risk level of
Thyroid Dysfunction every day
Check your risk level of
Thyroid Dysfunction
every day
You can check the risk of thyroid dysfunction
which was known only by lab tests before.
Communicate with your
based on your data
You can communicate with your doctor based on the data without
relying on your memory of medication status and symptoms.
Save unnecessary costs
of your disease
By cutting average number of visits per year in half,
you can save medical expenses of your disease.
We work with
global institutions
in diverse professional areas


A peek at
life-changing activities

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