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My own health doctor
for thyroid dysfunction
in my hand
GLANDY is the world’s first digital therapeutic for thyroid dysfunction, which will provide a novel way of taking care of the disease.
An intro. Video of Glandy
Disease Risk Level Monitoring
You can check your thyroid condition and risk level of the
disease by analyzing bio-signals from a wearable device and
your symptom survey score.
Medication Management
You can set medical reminders to make the right health decisions
on the right time, which improves medication compliance.
Medication Management
나의 복약 주기와 약제 종류에 따라 복약 알림을 설정하고
복약 기록을 꾸준히 관리하여 복약순응도를 향상시킬 수 있습니다.
Patient’s Health
Profile Report
You will be provided with your own health profiled reports
which will help you to explain how your medications, specific
symptoms, and disease risks have been during self-care periods.
Mobile Social Network
You can find diverse medical information written by Endocrinologists
and share your own concerns with other patients.
Mobile Social Network
내분비대사내과 전문의가 제공하는 칼럼으로 정확한 질환
정보를 파악하고 같은 질환을 앓는 환자들과 정보를 공유하며
고민을 나눌 수 있습니다.

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