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Glandy predicts the condition of thyroid disease and provide structured tips on how it can be improved.
Glandy is a “Smart Care System for Thyroid Dysfunction” which predicts the thyroid hormone level based on heart rate data collected from wearables. It helps patients to take care of their thyroid condition through the verified checklists and other self-management tools.

With Glandy, we hope you could get away from vague anxiety
and make your daily life healthier.

glandy 1.0 beta service open
How is my thyroid?

Check up my condition.

You can check the risk level through
bio-signals of a wearable device and acknowledged
surveys for Hyperthyroidism/Hypothyroidism.
Record it!

Your own health diary.

You can keep your own medical diary including medical history, medication, daily symptoms
and more.
Right at a glance!

Personalized health report.

You can share your own report of daily health records with your medical doctor when you visit a hospital.
All together

Glandy Talk.

You can share your own know-how to improve symptoms with other patients and can get useful information from doctors’ articles.

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